My sincerest gratitude goes out to Sarah of Sprinkles on Top Studios for the book covers she created for, ‘TAKE A PIECE OF MY HEART’ and ‘LOVE HEALS THE HEART’. Not only is she incredibly talented, but she surely must be a mind reader as well. The cover for ‘TAKE A PIECE OF MY HEART’ is exactly as I had envisioned it in my mind. It’s as if Sarah entered my imagination, grasped that picture and transformed it into an amazing book cover. I had no idea whatsoever what I wanted for my second book cover, ‘LOVE HEALS THE HEART’ and Sarah was incredibly patient while I kept changing my mind. I’m sure I was her most challenging client with that book cover, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.  I love my book covers and the marketing banners designed for my books by Sprinkles on Top Studios. Will I be a repeat client – you bet!  Do I recommend Sprinkles on Top Studios – Absolutely!
Diane Rose Duffy, author of Take a Piece of My Heart & Love Heals the Heart
Diane Duffy EB Diane2EB
Five Star PLUS rating! 🙂

Two years ago I published my first book and chose Sprinkles on Top Studios to design the cover. Sarah is both fun, and professional to work with. I feel comfortable sharing my ideas, showing her photos I love, and also hearing her ideas. We work well as a team to design the book covers just right.

This year, Sprinkles on Top Studios designed my fifth book cover with them and I could not be happier with it. I highly recommend them and can’t imagine working with any other cover designer.

Jen Andrews contemporary romance author of the Just Say Yes series
Beautiful With You

After deciding the cover of my debut novel needed a serious make-over, I found Sprinkles On Top Studios. Sarah created a stunning, steamy, just what I was looking for cover for my book Back-up. I have since received so many compliments. The best compliment of all is being nominated in several “Best Cover Contests of 2013”. Although not yet released, she also created book 2 & 3 as well and I can’t wait to debut them. Sarah is quick, she’s creative and she’s extremely talented. I am so thankful I found her.

-A.M. Madden author of “The Back-Up

A.M. Madden Ebook


I released Another Chance with your premade on it on the 23rd of November and it’s already sold over 1000 copies. It’s the most successful book launch I’ve had to date and I’m sure a lot of it is to do with that lovely cover.

Ariadne Wayne author of “Another Chance”

Ariadne Full


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