Sprinkles On Top Studios LLC Policies



Sarah Foster of Sprinkles On Top Studios holds full copyright over all versions of all her designs and is allowed to use the design for promotional purposes of Sprinkles On Top Studios.

Sprinkles On Top Studios reserves the right to reuse fonts, stock images, textures, actions, and certain other aspects structuring the cover that may have been previously used in other designs; however, the central, focus image will never be reused. In addition, each design is customized for each client, with the exception of covers listed as ‘Pre-Mades.’


 If the design has not been purchased and paid for in full, the design should not be displayed. Neither the client, nor any other individual/ third party, is permitted to claim the design as his or her, or their, own.

If Sprinkles On Top Studios designs an e-book cover, the client agrees to only have Sprinkles On Top Studios expand the design into a full wrap / paperback design. The client may neither expand the design on his or her own, nor have a third party do so.

If Sprinkles On Top Studios designs a cover for a series (e-book or paperback), the client agrees to complete the series with Sprinkles On Top Studios as Sprinkles On Top Studios has the copyright to the design. Any designer who is commissioned by the client to complete a series by replicating a design is violating copyright held by Sprinkles On Top Studios. By commissioning another designer, the client is violating the copyright held by Sprinkles On Top Studios. Sprinkles On Top Studios reserves the right to take appropriate actions when copyrights are violated. If a series should be continued with another designer, the client agrees to completely alter the design with the new designer to avoid copyright violations.


Sprinkles On Top Studios has the right to change design prices without notice. Sprinkles On Top Studios also reserves the right to reasonably adjust prices based on the amount of manipulation required and time investment needed to meet your vision and/or complete the commissioned work.


Sprinkles On Top Studios accepts payment through PayPal. The client must pay for any extra fees these methods may require. The design prices do not include PayPal fees which is ((Cost of Services x 3.0%) + $.30). In rare circumstances, Sprinkles On Top Studios may accept payment in the form of a check; however, payment must be made in full by check and no work will be started until the check has cleared. All checks must be made payable to Sarah Foster.


 Sprinkles On Top Studios requires a 50% retainer fee for ALL clients prior to beginning on commissioned worked. This retainer is non-refundable.


Stock images in premade designs and custom designs are included within the purchase price. The client may incur an additional charge if stock images for your cover are not available from Depositphotos (www.depositphotos.com).

The stock site and photographer MUST be credited in either the copyright or acknowledgements page.

If exclusive stock photography is used, the photographer and the model MUST be credited in either the copyright or acknowledgements page.

Sprinkles On Top Studios will place the crediting information on the back cover of a full wrap / paperback design.


Each design is created with the client’s specifications in mind; however creative interpretation will take place. As such, the client acknowledges the same. In the event minor and reasonable changes need to be made, they will be made without charge. If the client requests excessive and/or explicitly time consuming changes, Sprinkles On Top Studios reserves the right to charge appropriately and reasonably for same due to additional time investment and need for photo manipulation. If the client decides that a new design is needed, Sprinkles On Top Studios reserves the right to charge up to the full cost of a new design.

Please note: by placing any order with Sprinkles On Top Studios, you are agreeing to these policies.