Meet S.K.

Sarah Kaider (S.K.) has had a passion for books ever since she was a grade-schooler, and she plans on publishing the first book of her trilogy in the near future. She is the Social Media, Modeling, Photo-shoot, and Client Relations Manager as well as Scheduling Coordinator for Sprinkles On Top Studios.

S.K.’s love for writing spawned an interest in Newspaper Journalism, and she was both the Entertainment and the Opinions editor for her high school paper. She is looking to pursue her love for journalism throughout college. Her writing interests have also manifested a love for marketing books, as she has done for over a year with “Writer’s Club: Tips for Writers from Writers”.

Her life goal is to create, run, and own a publishing company. She has seen many amazing and talented authors turned down by big-name publishers, and she wants to give those gifted people who have been overlooked a chance to shine.

S.K. met Sarah Foster through Jake Bonsignore, the author of The Inferno Unleashed series, after becoming friends through the indie community. S.K. saw major potential in Foster’s ability to create a window to the souls of the books she covered, and wanted to do anything possible to help show the world the magic that Foster could create.

When S.K.’s nose is not in a book or managing different aspects of SOTS, she is either working as a cashier at her local food market, studying hard for classes at her university, or taking Tang-Soo-Do classes at her local Karate studio. She also enjoys tending to the lemon and orange trees in her conservatory, spending time with her Ori-Pei puppy, Albus, and her Netherland Dwarf rabbit, Cappuccino; and browsing Pinterest for inspiration for creations.

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