Meet Your Designer & Friends

Sarah Foster has grown up all over the United States, but her birthplace, Florida will always be her home. She is the graphic designer behind the adorably named Sprinkles On Top Studios. She has always been a creative person and enjoys expressing herself artistically.

Surprisingly, she has had no formal training in graphic design and was completely self-taught upon the inception of Sprinkles On Top Studios.

She has worked in corporate America for about nine years. She never felt like she fit into the normal 9-5 work routine. It just wasn’t her. In June 2013, she formed Sprinkles On Top Studios LLC on a whim to offer design services to indie authors. The business has quickly taken off, and Sarah is cementing herself within the indie community to become the “go to” designer for all genres. After being in business for approximately three months, she secured contracts with two publishing companies as their cover designer.

In addition to design and a love of literature, Sarah is an avid music lover. Some of her favorite bands include: A Day to Remember, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Memphis May Fire, and her all-time favorite band, Fightstar. She may be an adult, but she still loves Hello Kitty and all things Disney related.

Check out all her work on various social media sites:



Twitter: @SprinklesOTS

Instagram: sprinklesontopstudios

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