Cover Reveal – JL Beck

**Cover Reveal**
Severed Ties (A Ties Novel #2)
By: J.L. Beck

Severed Ties EB

Her heartbeat was still. Her life nothing but a memory to me.
I was far from the man that I once was… Cold. Heartless. Emotionless. Those were all words that would describe me. I had loved two women in my life and lost both of them. I would never open up my heart again. I would simply avenge their deaths. 

We had a bond. Ties to one another.

Now I needed to do whatever I could to get back to Grayson, even if that meant coming face to face with my father and Drake. The ties that bind us needed to be severed if Grayson and I had a chance.

I needed to save him, all while trying to face my own demons.

18+ due to violence, and sexual themes.

Coming soon….

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Cover Reveal – Anie Michaels

*Cover Reveal**
Instead of You
By: Author Anie Michaels

Anie.Instead of You.EBAnie.Instead of You.Full

Two brothers.

Cory was my best friend, the boy who I’d resolved to spend my entire life with. I’d grown to love him, gotten used to the idea of our life together, even if it wasn’t the all-encompassing, soul-crushing, heart-shattering romance it appeared to be.

Hayes was the boy who seemed entirely out of reach. Untouchable. He stole my first kiss, a secret I’d hidden away in the recesses of my heart, protecting the memory and hoping it would be enough to last me a lifetime. When he became my history teacher, it was impossible to hide from him any longer.

There was no way to anticipate just how important both Wallace brothers would become to me, how deeply they would change my life, or how the loss of one would propel me into the arms of the other.

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