Cover Redo/Reveal – Stacey Nash

**Cover Redo/Reveal**
Wait! (Oxley College Saga Book Three)
By: Stacey Nash

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Jordan Hays knows just how precious life is; that’s why he has his own mapped out. He’ll work to pay his way through university while he studies hard, regardless of the constant distractions. Because when it comes to becoming a nurse, he’s deadly serious. He won’t fail to save someone again.

Cover Redo/Reveal – Stacey Nash

**Cover Redo/Reveal**
Pretend… (Oxley College Saga Book Two)
By: Stacey Nash

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Life’s easy when everything’s fake.

Savannah West had it all: popularity, good grades and a family who loved her, but how quickly things can change. Living half a state away doesn’t stop the painful memories of her past ripping her heart in two. And sometimes lies are easier than coping with the truth.

The thing she didn’t bank on was Dane Beaumont. A blast from her horrendous past, he’s the last person she expected to run into at college … and it’s not just because he knows the truth. Hot as sin, he’s more off limits than generic brand clothing, but staying away isn’t easy when he insists on looking out for her. Dealing with the reality of idea of finding her place in the world, Savvy must face the guy who tears down all her carefully placed walls and pull herself together. It’s time to grow up.

Cover Redo/Reveal – Stacey Nash

**Cover Redo/Reveal**
Shh! (Oxley College Saga Book One)
By: Stacey Nash

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Nineteen-year-old Olivia Dean has the perfect reputation, the perfect boyfriend, and an increasingly perfect CV. She has it all, until Christian breaks up with her in public, calling her out as a self-gratifying sexoholic: the kind that plays solo. But Olivia doesn’t do any such thing — the only thing she does at night is sleep … right?

Cover Reveal – Gina LaManna

**Cover Reveal**
Seasoned (Book 7 of the Lacey Luzzi Series)
By: Gina LaManna

Gina LaManna7

Meg’s Christmas List 
1. Balloonicorns
2. Pringles
3. Double sled 

’Tis the season…for a new career?

It’s a few days before Christmas, and Lacey Luzzi & gang are at a dead end in their search for Jackson Cole. So when Lacey receives a job offer from none other than the rich, the glamorous, the Hollywood-bound Miss Harriet Lizabeth Morgan the Third, she says yes.

This holiday season, Lacey, Clay, Meg, and Anthony head out to the land of palm trees and fake snow, tasked with providing top notch security for an upcoming, high-profile movie premier. But when her client receives threatening messages, a difficult job only gets tougher.

Lacey turns to her friends for help, but Clay is occupied with his clandestine computer program, Anthony is tied up at home with a mysterious “project,” and Meg is…well, she’s Meg. Add a stunt driver with a pile of secrets as long as Meg’s Christmas list and new information surfacing around Jackson Cole, and Lacey’s plate is not full – it’s overflowing!

Lacey hasn’t asked for much this Christmas. But she does make one little wish: to get out of this assignment alive.