If you order a premade cover or custom cover prior to your novel being done, that’s perfectly fine as many people do; however, there will only be ONE edit included for the title, blurb, sizing, etc. The reason for this is that this is my second job, and I attend school as well. By only providing me with one small piece of the puzzle at different times, I am taking additional time to edit something multiple times. As this has been occurring multiple times with multiple clients, this has to be put into effect. 

For premade covers, this means, you can prepurchase it, but you will need to provide the title, blurb, page count, and sizing once the book is completed. The premade cover will **NOT** be edited until **ALL** info is received — any additional changes after this time will require an additional fee for each additional edit. If you contact me to edit a premade without all info, I’ll let you know that all info will needs to be provided.

For custom covers, this means that you can start the process, but FINAL sizing and FINAL blurb needs to be provided after the initial cover is approved — any additional changes will require an additional fee for each additional edit. Again, I will remind you of the same.

Thank you for your understanding.

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