Cover Reveal – EJ Shortall

**Cover Reveal** 

Silver Dove

By: EJ Shortall



Full of romance, intrigue, emotion and passion, Silver Dove is the concluding part to Craig and Amber’s story that began in Silver Lining.

After the chaos of their early relationship and with their history of broken pasts behind them, Craig and Amber prepare to say ‘I Do’ on their Happily Ever After.

Life rarely runs to plan though.

Amber has fought long and hard to bury her fears and become a stronger person, but when old feelings resurface and tragedy strikes, it takes an intervention from Craig to prove her doubts are unfounded and to believe in love and hope.

Just when they think they are at a point where they can be happy and move forward together, the pair find themselves fighting obstacles and difficulties that will truly test the strength of their bond.

Can Amber gather the strength to fight against the forces trying to destroy her? Will Craig keep his promises of remaining truthful? As a couple are they tough enough to battle through these turbulent times and emerge stronger than ever?
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